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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day …

... is what my mother always said and I absolutely agree with her.

The breakfast is served in buffet form from us.

We seek to ensure that your breakfast experience is both attractive and pleasant. Normally breakfast is available from 8 am to 11 am but it can be available from 6 am if you need an earlier start to your day. Should you be an 'early bird' then just let us know the evening before.

Our jams are all homemade. We try to use regional and seasonal products ... but this is not always possible. Many people appreciate our marmalade, but oranges just don't grow in this area!!

Our meat and sausages we get from a small butcher in the next town, this way we know where it comes from. You will be surprised at the exciting tastes.

We get or cereals from the company with the big "K" and whether 'K' makes you think of Kellogs or of Kölln doesn´t matter if you think about Kölln or Kellogs ... your right either way!

Our bakery products come from a bread-company in Austria and we prepare our rolls and bread in a special oven on the premises. We also produce other things ourselves, for example mustard. If you find you like them they are on sale for you to take home.

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